Cervical Stenosis with Myelopathy

Most of us wake up to another day of pain. This pain can be from your exercise you did or lifting to much weight the wrong way or just waking up and asking yourself why do I hurt?.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


So so many people are in PAIN and have no one to go to. I have been in this situation of getting the right help and it has been a up hill struggle. Always have to explain my symptoms to every doctor I have appointments with and this is very frustrating it is EXPLAIN,EXPLAIN,EXPLAIN and this should not be the case since this era of the internet and networking of hospital computers but doctors don"t take the time to read my chart or just don"t give a Damn. Im very tired and hurt because being looked down like I"m some kind of lab junkie waiting for my fix makes me sick of the medical field and staff who just could care less if I hurt along with millions of other US citizen in the great USA.I have proof of my condition along with a botched surgery on my neck and after that the surgeon after being with the same hospital seventeen years left because he knew he did me wrong,how else can someone explain to me why after a surgery called ACDF C-3-C-7 go wrong and the surgeon just laughed and said nothing could be done. My condition is much worse after the surgery then before because my pain is unbearable and everyday is a struggle and those of you who are in unbearable pain know what Im talking about. I have two broken screws in the hardware in my neck ay C6-C7 level.I have all my MRI and CT scan disc and Radiology reports in a file I take to my doctor so they will and can understand what it is I'm going through.This is the only way to make sure the doctor knows what and why I"m in pain. Now not only is my neck a serious problem my back has stenosis at L4-L% level which makes my legs go numb so sitting and walking are a problem.I do exercises to help strengthen my back but the doctor said I will always have the stenosis and need surgery to take care of my ruptured disc.This is it for now I"m in to much pain to keep writing for now but will be back so if you see this please leave a comment I have much more to write. Thanks

Friday, May 13, 2011


What has  your day been like Like. Have you been busy looking and trying to find what will help with that Ache in your legs, or are you just aching all over. My day started off as usual, in pain. I am very tingling and have very sharp stabbing pain from my neck to my feet. The numbness is very bad adn the NCIDS do help with some of the aching but does nothing for the numbness and pain. I just started my day so will keep you updated an my progress to be comfortable.